Tuesday, April 1, 2008

50 random things about me!

I am bored so I thought I would list a 50 things about me I know ya'll are so excited you are shaking in your boots! Here goes: (what if there are not 50 random things?)

  1. I am somewhat of a neat freak about certain things everything has to be in its place before I can relax. It drives my husband crazy because I will put things away before he is finished using them.
  2. I picked out my daughter's name when I was twelve, as soon as I heard it I knew I would name my daughter Brinsley.
  3. As a child I wanted to be a teacher
  4. I love getting pedicures
  5. But I hate feet
  6. I love my car
  7. I am a little obsessed with Hello Kitty
  8. I love my hair at the beach
  9. I sleep with a stuffed pig named Pookie
  10. When I start reading a book I have to finish it that day
  11. I love the color pink and green obviously
  12. I love Target
  13. My husband is the craziest person I know that is why I love him!
  14. One of my bestest friends is my sister I love you Robyn!
  15. Everyone thinks my daughter is my sister it is not as flattering as it sounds
  16. At work I get mistaking for interns all the time no I am not 18!
  17. I like for things to be perfect and its hard for me to realize that things can't always be perfect
  18. I love making things
  19. I love themed parties
  20. I want a pug so bad but I can't deal with another dog
  21. I love cupcakes
  22. I love magazines
  23. I don't really like ice cream
  24. I love the beach
  25. Having teenagers really is a challenge
  26. I love flip flops in the summer it is all I wear (on my feet)
  27. I love laying out by the pool in the summer
  28. I love daisies
  29. I like to cook
  30. I like when it rains and I can stay in the house watching t.v all day and not feel guilty
  31. I hate flies
  32. I am scared of thunderstorms but pretended I am not
  33. I am scared of clowns
  34. Every morning I have to drink a coke
  35. I love fires
  36. I enjoy college football alot GO DAWGS!
  37. I stay on myspace too much
  38. Neither one of my kids really look like me
  39. I love corny jokes
  40. I wear chunky rings
  41. I love my family and friends
  42. I have a yappy dog when I always said I will never have one of those dogs
  43. I love reality show
  44. I love playing games
  45. I hate talking on the telephone
  46. I am scared of doctors
  47. I hate working out
  48. I love summer nights
  49. I can be shy around people I don't know
  50. I love my southern accent

Ok I guess everyone is pretty sick of hearing about me! You should try it you might realize some interesting things about yourself.

I am off to find something to eat.



Robyn Beele said...

I LOVE number 14!! I will have to do this tomorrow.

Amy said...

thanks for the challenge carrie

Meg said...

Loving your blog, thanks for the entertaining read.

Ohhh I love fondue!