Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I am ready for yard work!

My plans for this weekend are to get in my yard and work! The last three weeks it has rained every Saturday, well this weekend rain or shine I am planting flowers I am determined! Wish me luck girls. The picture above is one of my flowers that is doing so good this year.

BTW: We are on a water ban any ideas how to keep my little planties alive this summer.



Amy said...

Hey Carrie,
Do like we do....water at DARK with a large cup from the kitchen!!!

Marie said...

I'd probably do what Amy suggested and water after dark!lol Sneaky, sneaky!

And....RYAN is final two! YAYYYY!

Mrs. B said...

Hi! Thanks so much for coming by my blog. I like yours too! Looks like we have a lot in common. I can see you're an American Idol fan too! My oldest daughter is also 15 and I think one of your dogs looks a lot like mine. Is she a Shi Tzu?

And about your flowers, when I did my earth day post, Manuela from Feathered Nest said she saves water from things like washing hands, boiling pasta, and stuff like that to pour onto the plants in her yard because they are in a drought too.

Meg said...

water ban has been lifted as of today's paper. yay!!!