Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Random Thought Wednesday!

~Will James finally leave Big Brother tonight? (I hope)

~Who will leave American Idol?

~I need to be working out not reading blogs. Bathing suit Carrie bathing suit!

~What is Johnny going to do with his fish his tank sprang a leak!

~Did that really only have 4 points

~I am glad my energy level is coming back

~I need new flip flops

~I started watching the greatest design show it is call Dress My Nest on the style network

Ok enough I am done now to work out! AARRGG! Did I mention I hate exercising!

Have a great day!



Marie said...

Could it be that I have a rival in my love of all things flip-flop? ;o) And...yay! James DID get the boot last night. About time!

Robyn Beele said...

I am so glad James left! It was time. Bathing suit season makes me cringe!

Meg said...

Whoo Hooo James is outta there! It's gonna be interesting to see the rest of the house compete.
I love those flops, especially the pink ones. I tried on swimsuits yesterday and it was a nightmare!!! I need to put down the pepsi and start counting my points again. ugh!

Carrie said...

Yeah he is gone!

Meg said...

hmm.. this season I don't really have a favorite. Unfortunately, I think Natalie is digging herself a grave. Sharon is a good competitor and has a great chance of making it. Guy wise, Adam has grown a lot on me. It wouldn't have near the entertainment this season without crazy eyes. But then again, Ryan is a good competitor as well. Except for the fact he had been sweating up a storm 5 minutes after being in that box!

Carrie said...

I could not agree more with everything!