Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Do you ...

I just have to ask ya'll is there a place in your house where it seems all the junk just ends up?

Here is ours (I can't believe I am share my mess oh well its been a long day).

Update: Noah is officially a band member, Southern Living party went well and I have come up with one day's theme for day camp pirates.

Now off to watch American Idol I hope my boy does good!

Is it only Tuesday?!?


Kim said...

This is your only space that junk piles up?? Wow, I would be way too embarrassed to show you mine!! Yay for the new musician!

Robyn Beele said...

All my junk piles up on the kitchen counter. I am so proud of Noah!! He will do great.

Marie said...

THAT is your junk corner?? I'll never show mine. Especially after seeing that photo on your blog. Oh no, no, no. :o)

I can't believe how slow this week seems to be going either. I thought it was Friday yesterday! It was only Tuesday!! This is my kids last week of school and I'm looking forward to not getting up to an alarm for a few months, I guess.

Congrats to Noah!!

Betty Jo said...

Hi Carrie,
Thanks for stopping by. I added you to my drawing.
Which David are you cheering for in AI? We are hoping David A wins.

Jennifer said...

I have a "junk drawer" in my kitchen. It's definitely my catch-all!
Sounds like you have already finished up some of your projects.

The pirates theme sounds fun. The kids will love that I'm sure.

I have had AND been to a Southern Living party before....they have some nice stuff.

Tam said...

OOO the Pirate Theme should be GREAT FUN!

YOUr Junk corner looks great ....YEAH I am so not going to take a picture of MINE!

OK YOU look like a Teen playing the guitar!

OOO HOW about a UNDER the SEA theme for a day....Oriental Trading Company has tons of great Idea for it. I acutally did that for my kids birthday party last year. I bought a 5 pound bucket of MOON SAND from Targets for 20.00 and the kids loved it and I had craft supplies for them to paint paper fish that I cut out. ONE of my friends did a Carnival and she made all the things herself. She painted a clown on Cardboard and cut out its face and had each child take a picture. She decroated Cans (from corned can and beans after they are empty) and got tennis balls for the kids to knock them down. The point is she made all the games from things around the house. (Others trash was her treasure in creating the Carnival)...It was lots of Fun!

Tam said...

O Yeah and Tybee Island....I spent all day there Wednesday...YES I took my son back to where he got LOST by myself WEDS! WE got to see Dolphins and had a great DAY! Tybee is about 40 minutes from my HOUSE!

Carrie said...

Tam you lucky girl I love Tybee and thanks for the ideas I think we have narrowed it down to Pirates, Wild West, and Fun in the Sun. Love Oriental Trading that's where we got most of our craft ideas!