Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Noah's Home

My boy is home I know I sound so silly but I missed him bad! Thanks for all the prayers they worked. Thanks for the advice about the squirrels as I'm typing Johnny is putting mothballs out. They stink something awful. I unexpectly had the afternoon off so I started lurking at other peoples blogs there are such creative women out there you all have inspired me. Thanks!

In the picture there is a weird paint stripe in the background I am not sure where that came from because it is not on the wall! Weird! My daughter made my name for me but now I am not sure how to align it left anyway it is still cute thanks Brinsley!

David did gooooddddd last night!

Happy Hump Day!


Marie said...

:o) How sweet you made a sign to welcome him home!

And I see you figured out how to make a siggy for your blog. I remembered I wanted to tell you where to get one but I clicked out of your blog before I remembered. I made a mental note to tell you today. And... you beat me to it. :o) I made one but I keep forgetting to use it. Duh.

Tam said...

O cool a sign to welcome him home? How did he like the sign? Did he enjoy Savannah?

I like your signature!

Robyn Beele said...

That was so sweet that you made him a sign! That paint smear looks WEIRD!!! The signature is cute. I need one now ;)!

Julia said...

You're too cute!!! :)

Jennifer said...

Hi there Carrie
I just bounced over here from Tam's blog at "MommaSong".
I LOVE your layout...I will come back when I can stay a while and read. I already saved you on my fav's.
Just thought I would say hellooo =-)

Doodles said...

Hey Carrie! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm just learning! I was going to email you, but didn't see an email address...I'll leave a comment instead.

Your blog is really cute. Love the colors. I hope to read more and get to know you better!

And your sig is so cool. I need one of those!

Boy & Girl said...

That is so sweet making him a sign. I love the signature by the way!

Valarie said...

Oh, she did a good job on your signature.

Carrie said...

Tam he had a great time in Savannah we love Savannah we have been to Tybee the last two year on vacation I love it down there.