Sunday, May 18, 2008


Friday I bought two hanging baskets for 5.00 a piece at Home Depot. Then we just hung out at the house and watched movies Awake and Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Saturday painted all my patio furniture (we are getting ready for our Memorial Day cook out next Saturday). Then went to Robyn's to celebrate Amy's birthday. Nick grilled pork tenderloins and pineapple I made Paula Deen's corn casserole, Nikki brought junk salad everything was so good. I should have took pictures of the food but I forgot after dinner we went outside to play "corn holing" don't ask I have know idea where the name came from but it's fun.

Amy (the birthday girl) and Noah

Then we all moved indoors for a little Rock Band

Robyn and Me:

Sunday ~ I got into a fight with my dresser and lost. I am the only person who can manage to shut a drawer on their own wrist!

Well off to watch the season finale of Desperate Housewives!

Love ya'll,


Boy & Girl said...

Ouch! I hope your wrist is feeling better. Love the hanging cute. Oh and do tell me what you thought of the DH season finale. I think I sat, jaw wide open, for a few minutes afterwards.

Marie said...

OUCH about your wrist!! Hope you feel better soon.

I didn't watch DHW yet. I watched the CMA awards instead. hee hee

Looks like you had a nice weekend! Georgia was the place to be, wasn't it? :o)

Meg said...

well I commented and it didn't show up :(

Anyways, hope your wrist gets to feeling better! I'm quite the clutz too so I can sympathize.

I heard DH was going to jump ahead 5 years and I didn't believe it. Guess I should have! I don't think I like it!!

Love the corn hole game! J's cousin had someone build them some, I need his number. A "sport" I can do. :)

Julia said...

I'm so sorry that I laughed when you said you shut the drawer on your wrist. I'm sure it hurt!!! OUCH! But I think the way you said it was funny. hahah

Anonymous said...

That would be something I would do, Carrie. Close the door on my own wrist. Paula Deen's corn casserole rawks!!

Jennifer said...

Your dinner sounds simply divine! I love corn casserole!!!
I hope your wrist is much better today.