Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just wanted to pop in

I want to thank everyone for the well wishes. Everything is going pretty good I've just been busy with everything and the kids getting ready for school on Friday. Hope everyone is having a great week.

I promise the post will get better!



Tam said...

HI YOU go back on Friday??? for school??? HMM well we start on the 8th...lol lol I am sorry but I frankly think the SOUTH really needs to adopt the Northern policy of NO going back to school until after Labor DAY! YOU know like no white shoes, pants after labor...no shcool until after labor day.. LOL LOL LOL

Shannon said...

I am so excited about fall too! WHY are your kids going back SOOOO early?!?!?

Carrie said...

Schools around here are trying to go to year long school I think they are getting alot of breaks during the year.

Joy said...

Oh my! I'm not ready to think about school starting yet. Luckily it doesn't start here until the end of August. My older kids were on that year around thing. It has it's advantages and disadvantages.
Hooray for you! You have the courage to start a new adventure in your life. I wish you a ton of luck, my friend!

Marie said...

My kids go back on Friday too. YAY!!!

Glad to hear all is well with you!

Julia said...

No worries, good luck with school!