Sunday, October 12, 2008

Boring Weekend

Ok I am done with all these boring weekends I have been having lately. Friday nothing but I did get my hair colored back to its natural loveliness. I am not really liking it that much.

Saturday~Noah and myself watched some really stupid movie on Sci Fi channel while waiting on the GA game. Well 3:00 rolls around I turn the t.v to CBS nothing but I message from Tivo saying search for basic cable Oh I was mad it was the only channel not working about 4:00 it comes back on so I was better. We ate some bbq at half time. Then we played spades with the neighbors for awhile. I have never played spades but it was really fun!

Sunday~So far nothing but being lazy I think I am going for a walk. I hope everyone had a great weekend!


M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Hi Carrie,
Sorry about the boring weekend, BUT...your Site is anything but boring. I really enjoyed going back to where I left off last. You've done a great job with your Halloween and Fall decorating. I especially LOVE the fruit jars with skeleton parts in them. : ) And loved the photos with your kids...SO cute. You'll have to post a photo of that new hair color. It's funny that I also get asked if I had my kids when I was 12 all the time too.
Rather, I should say it's
(fun). :-)
Take care,

Mary Lou

Bliss said...

Boo to the TV being out for part of the GA game!!!! Thankfully we were victorious!!!

Darlene said...

Sorry you had a boring sounds pretty good to me! Hope you had a great walk. See ya later!

Daphine said...

I'm sorry! If you lived closer...we could have traded. I had way too much going on that it was out of control. I would much rather have your kind of weekend rather than the ones that I've been having here lately. No bad...jut way too much going on!