Monday, July 20, 2009

Outside My Window

Outside My Window
It is really nice today low eighties which is a huge change for us here in GA I think we might get some rain this even.

I Am Thinking
I really need to find something to occupy these kids maybe its a good thing school starts back in two weeks yes folks TWO weeks.

I Am Thankful
For the people in my life I might not have the biggest house, or the most money but I have a pretty darn lot of people who love me and support me for that I am thankful
From The Kitchen
I am thinking about making stuffed shells for dinner. I really need to do something with all the tomatoes we have. last night i made the best things you slice your tomatoes (Roma) is what I have, drizzle with Italian dressing, salt and pepper and top with pepper jack cheese cook in the oven on 400 about 20 mins. serve on toast baguette or french bread oh my word its delish!

I am wearing

I Am Creating
I am working on a lot of embroidery pieces right now
I Am Going
To have a little photo shoot with Brinsley later for my hair bows, go for a walk this evening and might start doing yoga again i need to do something this guts not going away on its on lol!
Around the House
Finish today's laundry, do some weeding, finish some project I have been putting off, and put the finishing touches on my etsy shop
One of My Favorite Things
Sleeping late
A Few Plans For The Rest of The Week
Not really sure I am working every day this week, so we will see!

I almost forgot thanks for the suggestions on the pasta I ended up doing a cold pasta salad it was really good I will share the recipe on my cooking blog!


the undomesticated wife said...

Holy cow, your tomatoes look great! I did 1 roma plant and 2 sweet 100 plants, and neither are doing well. :(

Gorgeous sunflower!

You have gotten a lot done today, impressive!

Cherie said...

Twinners!! Love sleeping late - hee hee!

That flower in the first picture is so pretty! It just looks happy :D

One of my best friends is moving to Georgia in the next few weeks. Her hubby has been out of work and finally got a job but they get to move across the country. She was surprised that school there starts in 2 weeks and so they are scrambling to get moved a little faster because summer vaca. will be shorter for them.

Enjoy your day - Sounds like alot going on - but alot of good and alot of yummy!!

Sandy Toes said...

Wow...2 weeks..that is just crazy!
sandy toe

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Your tomatoes are going crazy!!

~ Sarah

April said...

Yep, I'm getting ready for school to get back in session, too! Aren't we terrible? :)

This was a great post, Carrie! Hope you have a terrific week!♥

The Redhead Riter said...

Beautiful tomatoes! I'll be right over for dinnr...LOL

Just stopping by to say...
:o) Hope you had a Happy Monday!

LaurieStar said...

Carrie - what a cute picture of you. How do you stay so skinny???
I can't believe school starts for you in two weeks. OMG! Ours just got out! I can't believe it!
I loved all your pics and especially that idea for the tomatoes - I am going to try that! :)

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

I know. Can you believe this weather?!?! I can't remember when it's been this cool in July. But I'm not complaining bc I love it!

I also loved your tomato recipe. Sounds yummy!

Take care my friend!
Hope you have a great week!

Rhonda said...

Wow! How does Carrie's garden grow? Very well indeed! I'm gonna have to try the tomato recipe! Cannot wait!

You look great...what tummy??

Small House said...

Okay, what a good day you are having. I have to say the tomato recipe sounds wonderful. Can't wait for ours to ripen!!!

Have a great day!!

clare's craftroom said...

Hi Carrie thankyou for finding and visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment , you've made my day !Thanks again , Clare .

Anonymous said...

My goodness.... look at your tomato plant(s). We ended up having to pick ours early and let them rippen in the window. Some critter found our plant and had a field day with it. We managed to get 8 off of it.

Love that picture of you! Two weeks until school starts? Summer is not over yet. What are they thinking?

Colleen said...

What gut? You look awesome!

I can't believe school starts for your kids in 2 weeks. We don't go back until September.

That tomato recipe sounds amazing and simple, exactly what I like!

BK said...

Sleeping late is the best treat ever!!!!

I can't believe that school starts so soooooon!

Darlene said...

Your tomato plants look wonderful!!!!I can't believe school starts back for you in 2 weeks!!! Ours starts on Aug. 19th and that seems quick to me. Sleeping in sounds wonderful! Have a great day.♥

Nina Diane said...

school in 2's crazy talk!! haha..well, around here, school does not start until after Labor Day

Rue said...

Hi Carrie :)

Your tomato plants are HUGE!

2 weeks?! You're so lucky, although I don't like waking up that early... ugh.

Your haircut is really cute!


BellaDella said...

Great post- love your shirt in that picture and your home is so beautiful in the background. And wow- look at the tomatoes!

Tina Leigh said...

I liked it better when kids went to school in Sept.!

Christina said...

Isn't this weather wonderful!! Your tomato plants look great.

Rambling Girl said...

Goodness it has been so hot here in Middle Ga lately that is all I do is look out the window!

Bitter Sweet Moments said...

Hi, Carrie! I couldn't possibly compile a list of lovely blogs without featuring your beautiful blog. In celebration of all things lovely, would you consider stopping by sometime to accept an award from me?