Monday, September 28, 2009

Me and my crazy ideas aka the lemonade diet

I had this wonderful idea that I would do the master cleanse if you have never heard of it, its basically a detox you drink a lemon juice, maple syrup (grade B) and Cayenne pepper mixture and a few other things for at least ten days. I lasted about ten hours I started feel terrible my legs are aching my mouth has broke out from all the lemons I guess. I have known people that have done it and did really good well not me! Maybe I don't need detoxing... is that a word?

I hope everyone had a great weekend we did. Just kinda chilled letting everyone get better which I am happy to report everyone is feeling better!

What are everyone plans for the week? We are on Fall break here from school so I hope we get to do some fun stuff between work and all the day to day things. My major thing is to finish my quilt top! I am half way done.
Oh yeah I lost a follower I hate when that happens I hope I did not offend anyone in anyway!




Tina Leigh said...

I'm sorry you lost a follower. But I'm still here! Detox....fooy! I don't want any of that. Gettin over the stomach flu now so detoxing sounds like a bad word to me! LOL!

Cherie said...

That detox sounds painful. Just drink more water!
The quilt is super cute - Love the colors!!
Sorry you lost a follower. I did too just about an hour ago - always weird to me but oh well.
I can never figure out who it is either - lol.

Tina Leigh said...

I'm sorry you lost a follower. But I'm still here! Detox....fooy! I don't want any of that. Gettin over the stomach flu now so detoxing sounds like a bad word to me! LOL!

Mommy24cs said...

I always hate when I lose a follower cause it drives me crazy trying to figure out who it was lol.

That lemonade sounds interesting. I've heard of it before. I'm trying to imagine the taste.

Love the colors of the quilt. Pink and yellow go so nicely together.

jenjen said...

Your quilt looks great Carrie! My sister and best friend have both done that diet a bunch of times. I always mean to do it but I just love to eat too much. It sounds like torture!

Have you ever heard of the HCG diet. That one everyone in my neighborhood is doing. But you don't need to do a diet anyway - you look great!


Small House said...

OH...I could never detox either. Yuck, blah, cringe when I read what you had to drink.

Enjoy the fall break, relaxing, and crafting.

April said...

Hey Carrie!
I've heard that the Lemonade Diet can be really tough to endure. Definitely not for me! Your quilt is looking so pretty! Love the color combination! Don't feel bad about losing a follower...I lost 4 last week! Not sure what caused that. Oh, well!

Tam said...

Your Follower just might have deleted their blog or something like that!

I love LOVE those colors! YOU know it totally reminds me of Vera Bradley!

Have you been riding YOUR BIKE? DID YOU GET A BASKET for your BIKE YET? I have one I want to buy for my bike and I have NOT YET but it is one that YOU do not have to drill HOLES on your bike. The basket is like 50.00 and it comes off so you can carry it. IT sort of looks like a wicker basket. I will have to download the pictures of my bike to share with YOU! I love love love MY BIKE!

YOUR list was GREAT!

have a great week!!!

Katherine said...

I bring you good just gained a follower!

Becky said...

Weird a follower left, you're site is so cute and happy! I totally enjoy reading it!! Your quilt is looking good!

Do you watch the office? Kelly did the lemonade diet lol and it was soooo funny!

jennykate77 said...

Funny that you would mention losing a follower, because I lost 2 and I was totally bummed! :( Maybe they'll come back?

Your quilt is pretty! I've always wanted to try quilting, but never have. Well, actually I bought a bunch of quilting squares one time, but that's as close as I got.

I'm LOLing at your detox diet plans...that sounds like something I would do. I've tried every diet in the book, including that one...I didn't even last 10 hours. I guess I didn't need "detoxing" either. :)

Hope you are having a great week so far!♥

Anonymous said...

I love the colors in your quilt. So pretty! Ugh on that lemonade diet. I could never do that. It doesn't sound worth it!

Peptogirl said...

Love your pink train case and the quilt is beautiful!!!

P.S.) I tried a juice cleanse - only fresh fruit and veggi juice. I got so sick, I didn't make it through 2 full days. Bad headache and throwing up all day. Never again!