Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thrifty Thursday!

Lets start thrifty Thursday off with this cute little bubble gum machine its too cute (I give the gumballs a day in this house but I really want to fill it with rubber bouncy balls.)
Now this great owl plaque I am going to paint it just not sure what color yet any suggestions?
And the best is this lovely Thermos for 4.00 it goes so good with my picnic basket I am planning on adding to this collection.
I know a lot of you participant or have heard of 365 days on Flickr where you take a pic of yourself everyday well I have decide to do my feet everyday for year. I hope I can keep it up! Join in its if you like it should be fun!

I just wanted to say a big hello to all my new and old blog friends each of you make my day better and I want to thank you for it!



Anonymous said...

Carrie you are a sweetheart! You leave such sweet comments on my blog...they make my heart smile :D
The 365 days of your feet are a great idea! I look forward to it, and I adore your thrifty finds especially the gumball machine! too kool!
I really like the my place I would paint him black so he would look like wrought iron...but that's just ME!
Have a great evening! x

Darlene said...

I love your little gumball machine. What a cute idea to photo your feet each day. Mine would be rather boring as I only wear flops in the summer or about three pair of shoes throughout the fall/winter. Hope you are having a wonderful evening.♥

The Redhead Riter said...

Good Luck! Sounds fun!

BK said...

I love owls!!!

jenjen said...

What a fun idea Carrie. Your shoes are cute! I love that idea!

Love the thermos and picnic basket too - so retro cool! Great finds!


The Berry's Patch said...

I love your gum ball machine! It would be empty by the end of the day at my house. The bouncy balls are a cute alternative. :-)

Jenni @ nest to keep said...

Hey Carrie,
Cute gum ball machine, and that is a clever idea to add little balls to it versus gum! :) Oh, and very cute shoes, too, by the way! :)

Have a good night and a terrific Friday! :)

Liz said...

I'm so jealous of the owl! I would spray paint him red and put him in my kitchen. :)

Ruth Ann said...

What terrific finds! Love the gumball machine. I have a gumball machine too and will have to wait until Spring to paint it because the weather has turned sooo cold soo fast! And I love that you take photos of your feet everyday, that is soo cool! Wish I could come up with something creative like that! Have a great weekend! And I'll post about my Hello Kitty tv in the next couple of days!

writing4612 said...

I think the owl would look good painted red, white, or black depending on where you plan on putting it and what you'll use it for.

Anonymous said...

Now you know I ADORE that owl!

Jamie said...

Awesome finds! Where'd you find that gumball machine? I'm wanting one to fill with crocheted gumballs...not that I know how to crochet yet but it's on "the list". ;)
I just started 365 too and am on...11, I think?
My vote for the owl is a pumpkin orange! (But I'm on an orange/turquoise kick lately)

Amber said...

I love that smurf glass. I drink out of it all the time. Looks like you got a lot of goodies!!
Hope you had fun at the corn maze!!

Crissy said...

I love your owl! I just found 3 little owls at the thrift store. Happy monday!