Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a [Cheap] Christmas!

Hi everyone! I'm Ashley from Almost Exactly!

I just want to say thank you to Carrie for inviting me to be a guest blogger to celebrate her 500th post! Congrats!! :)

Now, I know we have another big holiday before, but I can't help but get excited for Christmas this year! It's really strange, actually. I'm more of a Halloween girl and not Christmas...but it seems it's turned around this year! :P

This year I'm having to go financially light (as I'm sure a lot of you are) with gifts and decorations. That being said, I've decided that I'm going to hand-make everything that I can this year! Not only is it cheaper, but it's always super-fun to make things, right?!

I've accumulated some handmade Holiday inspiration for you all - made from paper. Yep, paper!

[click on each picture for source]

[click the above picture to see a few more great paper things!]

[and click the above picture to see more lovely garland!]

Speaking of paper...know what else you can do with paper for Christmas??
Christmas Cards! :)

[time for a little shameless self-promotion - Carrie said I could! :P]

I'm hosting the First Annual Almost Exactly Christmas Card Swap!

The deadline to sign up is this Saturday, so click on that link above...and if you're interested, sign up!


Thanks Ashley great post!

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Meg said...

Great ideas, thanks for sharing!! I love the present wreath!!

Rambling Girl said...

This is a cool post...I am loving the paper I can do this...and will...oh how much fun this looks like.

Jamie said...

Love it! I plan on making a few banners this weekend! Love that 1st pic!

Carrie said...

What great ideas love the first picture!

Becky said...

I love love love that Thrifty Christmas piece! I want to learn to do that - looks like it takes ALOT of work!

jenjen said...

Very cute ideas! It makes me want to get my paper out and start cutting!

Happy 500!


writing4612 said...

I have a suggestion. Spread the guests posts over 3 days the next time.. It just makes it more manageable to read...and more fun!

Carrie said...

Thanks for the suggestion but everyone has all weekend to read them the giveaway runs until Sunday!