Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Family Edition

I thought with Thanksgiving coming up I would do a post about what I am the most thankful for and that would be my family...
Introducing Johnny aka the husband

Johnny and I have been together for seventeen years. They have not all been easy years but we have survived them together and grown stronger. He is the funniest, sweetest,

smartest and most talented person I know
I thank God everyday that he put Johnny in my life...he is my best friend in the whole world!
The Kids aka Brinsley and Noah

some of the greatest kids around and the best of friends

Brinsley aka the daughter~born April 21st, 1993 and to answer a few questions out there no I was not twelve when I had her I was actually 19 young but not that young!
Brinsley is great she has her daddy's crazy sense of humor, a huge heart and as smart as they come I am very honor and proud to call her my daughter!

Noah aka the son~ born June 9th 1996 Noah is a wonderful kid he is smart and very kind spirited. He loves to learn new things, he can probably hack any computer around and would not hurt a fly. I love this kid he is the best son a mother could ask for!

I am so blessed to call this my family!


"A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it."
- George Moore


Anonymous said...

You have such a beautiful family! You are truly blessed :) xx

krista said...

i can't believe you have teenagers! you're so young looking. :)

Stacey said...

You do look like you are the same age as your kids!

E said...

Sounds like a FAB family!!

E said...
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Tailored Trash Queen said...

Your family looks so terrific! What a great group of people! Wish we could hang out one day! You look so young -- I can't believe you have teens! Love ya girl and enjoy checking out your blog everyday!

Debbie said...

What a great looking family. I can't believe how much the kids look like you and Johnny. :) Know what I mean?

Take Care,

Jenni @ nest to keep said...

You definitely have a wonderful family! I also really like the quote you put at the bottom of your post! :)

Have a good day! :)

Jamie said...

I loved reading this! What a wonderful & beautiful family you have! You all look like you have so much fun!

Debbie said...

What a great looking family. I can't believe how much the kids look like you and Johnny. :) Know what I mean?

Take Care,

BK said...

What a precious post!!!

Mariana (: said...

I had my daughter 7 days after I turned 20.

Kinda like you :) This is a great post, I'm so happy for you, it looks like a fun family


Lindsay said...

You have a beautiful family! You look so young!! Great genes right? lol Have a great day!!

Amber said...

What a great post! It was greating getting to see your family. Your children are adorable!

Robyn Beele said...

Such a sweet post!!

jenjen said...

What a sweet tribute to your family Carrie. I can tell how much you love them through your posts.


The Blonde Duck said...

What a sweet post!

And I LOVEEEEEEEEE the pink Christmas tree!

Nina Diane said...

what a sweet tribute to your family. You have a beautiful family! And yes, you look like their sister :)

Anonymous said...

You have the cutest family!

Crissy said...

you look so young!!! congrats a beautiful family, definitely something to be thankful for! thanks for the well wishes.


jennykate77 said...

This is the SWEETEST post! I love it! You have a beautiful family and TONS to be thankful for!! Thank you for sharing the pics. BTW, you look SOOOOOOO young. I think you could be mistaken for the daughter...and you're cute as a button! =)

Cherie said...

You look way to young to have teenagers - I think I might have told you that before (wink).

You have a beautiful family and it sounds like a wonderful man - What more could you ask for!


Christina said...


Your family looks like so much fun! What a blessing to be so close. My kids are three years apart(also a boy and a girl) and I hope that as they grow they will be close and have fun together.