Friday, December 4, 2009

Lets See What Is On The Camera Phone

Since I really haven't done anything all week I thought I would do a post of the pictures on my phone...

Oh hammock how i miss thee
Pookie you cutie pie
Penelope my sweet one
white caramel chocolate cappuccino
Brinsley's class ring
my sock monkey that I made isn't he cute
oh yea old school Mario
Johnny and Gregg can you say bulls eye!
Hello Kitty tree
yes read it and weep boys
Hello Kitty and Krispy Kremes you can't get any better than that
Noah's new hair cut
just me
and me being silly

Noah wants this for a tattoo lol

Oh Chick-Fil-A
Join in if you want that was pretty fun because I always take pictures then forget about them on my phone. If you decide to join in let me know and thanks everyone for the well wishes I am feeling about 85% better!

Stay tuned next week I am working on a snowman ornament tutorial that is so easy and cute!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Rhonda said...

You are so cute Carrie! I laughed out loud on your mustache picture! :o)

Love your sock monkey!! You are so creative!

I posted a similiar post, sort of. Have a great weekend!

Kelli said...

That just gave me a little picture of you and I think that's cool. Mmmm Krispy Kreme and I LOVE Super Mario 3.

BK said...

I love those cappuccinos from Texaco! And that sock monkey is adorable! Cute post idea!

jennykate77 said...

I LOVE the pics!! I always forget about my iPhone pics too. I love all the little Hello Kitties w/ the KKs! I saw Hello Kitty at our Christmas Parade last night and thought of you. I'm glad you're 85% better...praying your 100% soon!♥

Lindsay said...

My most favorite is the hammock picture!! So cool! I will have to post a few pics from my phone too! Check out my latest blog and put down your obsession, I'll be doing a post later on with everyones :)
Love Love

Cat said...

I love your blog and all your pictures! I LOVE your GA snowman, since my husband and I grew up there. Oh yes, and your sock monkey is adorable! I want to make one! I just bought one for my daughter at Target, but now I want my sewing machine from Santa so I can learn to make one! I'm following!

Jules said...

That was a great idea for a post. I have lots of pics on my phone. Thanks for the idea.

I'll have one of those white caramel chocolate cappuccinos!

The Blonde Duck said...

Pink tree!!!!!

Peggy said...

Noah's "tatoo" made me laugh!

Hope you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Great pics Carrie and awesome idea for a post :) My favourites are the hammock pic and your gorgeous pink Christmas tree :)
Glad you're feeling better! xx

{ L } said...

What a fun idea! I have some random photos on my phone too. LOVE LOVE that gorgeous class ring!

Kasey Hunt said...

Wow, class rings are fancy!! Looks really nice!

Kelly said...

I LOVE your sock monkey! How did you make him? If you have a pattern, I would love it! Also, I like Noah's tatoo idea! I take pictures of my students with that little mustache, and it's hilarious! I do more of a curly on the ends one so they look like little french artists! I think they really like it :)

Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Sorry you haven't been feeling well! Thanks for the little look into your everyday life. You always seem to be having fun!

Lindsay said...

Posted *your obsessions* post!! Hope you like the pics I put for your obsession!

Anonymous said...

Fun post!

PaperCameraScissor said...

The more I look at your blog the more we have in common. Love the sock monkey. Love chick-fil-a!! I could go there every day.