Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Time :)

I want to thank Amber, Ashley, Krista and Jamie for passing on this very sweet award my way :) I feel so very loved! Sorry it took me so long to write this

Okay now I am suppose to name ten things that make me happy...

1. Well of course these nuts (my cute family)

2 and 3 Creating things and Hello Kitty 4. Music

5. My friends, I really have the best friends and I am very happy with all the new friends I have made through this little blog. Ya'll know who you are :)

6. Blogging; if someone had told me when I started blogging what a postive impact that it would have on my life, I never would have believed them, but its the best thing ever, thanks to all of ya'll!

7. Dancing~dance has alway been a huge part of my life when I was young I thought I would grow up to be a dancer but things happened and my life took a different turn. But I still dance all the time and it makes me Happy!
8. Books~ enough said

9. Going on trips even if its just for the day

10. Thrift stores, antique stores just finding that certain that makes you smile!

Now I am suppose to pass it on to ten more people that make me happy (some of you may have already received this then smile you are loved). these are in no particular order

Amber, Ashley, Jamie, Lindsay, Carol Anne, Janel, Emjay, Jen, April, Laurie Anne, Jacque, Chelsey, Krista, Gina. Debbie, Mandy, Crissy, Kelli, Cat, Sandra, and Christine. Ok I know its more than ten and there are more I could name for sure b/c if I read your blog then of course you make me happy! (sorry there are no links my computer is being a booger).

I love you all

***Don't forget to ask me some questions in the formspring box on the left, I want to answer them on friday but so far not enough questions so come on ask away don't be shy!


Lindsay said...

awwww thanks :D you are so sweet!! Finished your garland last night, I forgot to stop and it ended up being over 6 feet >.< oops! Love all the pics you have up! Love you!! and loved our chat last night!!

Ruth Ann said...

Very cute! I love Hello Kitty as well! And I never knew you were a dancer! Is that how you stay so young?! lol
Have a great night!

sarah ann said...

happpy happy happpy. love thisss. the friends pictures is so adorable and inspiring.
sarah ann

Amanda said...

I Loved hello kitty and lisa frank when I was little :) And your family pics are cute! haha they made me smile :).

Anonymous said...
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PaperCameraScissor said...

I think its cool you wanted to be a dance teacher. I love your family pics and of course love hello kitty.

Nina Diane said...

nice list!

Carol Anne said...

I didn't know you were a dancer! That is really cool! Loved your list! You are so awesome! <3

Cat said...

awww I'm glad you like my blog! I like your blog too! :) Thanks for the mention! I love your list, I love getting to know more about everybody, like, I didn't know you danced, that's cool! Hello Kitty is so cute, I saw HK jewelry the other day on QVC and couldn't turn it off hahaha!


Ruth Ann said...

Hey Carrie! I just wanted to share this Valentine craft with you since you said that Noah likes gnomes! It's soo cute and would be perfect on his breakfast plate or dresser for Valentine's Day!

Tina Leigh said...

I love the photos!!!! You are becoming a photographer for sure!!

Jacque said...

You're such a sweetheart! Your blog definitely makes me happy!!

April said...

Bless your heart, Carrie...thank you so much for passing your cute award on to me! You're a keeper!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your award!