Sunday, January 24, 2010

Question part two

How do you stay so young looking? You seriously don't look older than 20
I get this question often I really wish I had a better answer for everyone but I seriously just thinks its genetics and I feel about twenty (haha) so I think that helps! I do use a moisture cream every other night if I use it every day it tends to make my face oily

I notice your hair is darker. Do you color your own hair or go to a hairdresser for that?
I do color my hair in the summer I have blonde highlights in the winter I go darker more my natural color. Christy my sister below is a hair dresser so she does my hair :D

What is your favorite craft item you like to work with?
This is a great question I love working with felt and paints I am always trying out new stuff!

What are your beauty tip? How old are you again?
see above...35 years young lol

Favorite book? Movie? Album?
favorite book this is hard because I am a avid reader I guess I would have to say Catcher In The Rye, favorite movie I have to say all the star wars movies (yes I am a nerd), favorite album Harvest by Neil Young

If you could travel anywhere and money was no object where would you go?
I would love to go to Italy

How do you stay so young look? Do you have a skin care routine?
haha see above

Are your kids as happy as they alway look? Their pictures always makes me smile.
Yes I think we are. Me and Noah are pretty happy people :)
Love, Brinsley.

Did you get my email? Gina
No Gina I did not :(

What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day? either lay on the couch with dixie and a good book or craft

i really enjoyed the questions so keep them coming...I am off to enjoy this rainy day

hugs and loves


Lindsay said...

oh what fun questions!! loved reading all your answers :)

Cottage Rose said...

Hi Carrie; What great question and answers.... Now I know just a bit more about you.... have a wonderful rainy day.....


Sonja said...

Fun questions people asked! I love learning about people, btw my husband keeps trying to get me to watch Star Wars... I have only watched the clone wars, but I might have to try watching one!

Cat said...

I loved all the questions! Everyone wants to know you magic beauty secret! :)


Darlene said...

What fun questions and great answers! Enjoy your Sunday.♥

Tina Leigh said...

I loved Star Wars when they came out but now....I guess I have moved on, LOL!

Peptogirl said...

It was fun reading your answers!

Jamie said...

Love your answers! It's so funny how often you get asked about your age! Tho it must get tiring answering it over and over, lol.
You're awesome. xo

Cherie said...

I'm loving all the questions and answers.

Ok I thought of a question for you.
What is your guilty snack??

Carrie said...

Cherie thats a great question I love junk food but I would have to say chips and french onion dip oh my word!

Stacey said...

I need to get me some of that moisturizer! Your only as old as you feel, right?! I still want that moisturizer though!

christycarter said...

I agree you are beautiful and I hope its genetics. Ha, Ha!

April said...

You DO look incredibly young, Carrie...milk it for all it's worth! This was so much fun getting to know you a little better!

PaperCameraScissor said...

that is so funny you answered my question--heehee!! I wonder what happened. I will email you again to see if you will receive this time.

I am starting to get to know you even better--thanks for these Q& them.

Anonymous said...

It's always fun getting to know you better!

Anonymous said...

Great Q&A Carrie! what fun idea! I love learning more about you :) xoxo

Christina said...

Enjoyed reading your answers. Love your blue nails!