Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Custom Order Bride and Groom

I had a order for a custom made bride and groom. I think they turned out great remember I can turn any of my dolls into cake topper for a special birthday or wedding ♥
You all know that I love making poms poms so when I seen this tutorial I knew I had to make one I think he turned out so cute :D
We are having a beautiful day here in GA and with my Debbie Gibson Pandora station blasting things are looking good :D it don't take much to make me happy!

Hugs and Love to you all



frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Awww, that bunny is so adorable! The bride and groom are cute too, but the bunny is the one that has me going "awww!"

~ Sarah

Cat said...

awww your bride and groom are so cute! I love the bunny, I have no idea how to make pom poms though.


Jamie said...

Sooo cute!!! Both turned out adorable!!!!!

PaperCameraScissor said...

Very cute!! Makes me want to make pom poms--now!!

Amber said...

The brides dress is so cute! They turned out great. ANd what a cute bunny!!!
I love Debbie Gibson. I actually met her a few years ago. She opened for Nsync and was hanging in the parking lot before the show!! Ha! She was very nice.

Lindsay said...

Your bride and groom are too cute!!!! Love them!!! I need to make a few of those bunnies they are the cutest!!!
Hope you have a great week!!

Debbie said...

They are so cute! I picked up some enamel paint today to try my hand at painting on a coffee mug... Wish me luck! lol

It reached 70 here today and tomorrow is suppose to be even warmer. I love spring!


jenjen said...

So cute Carrie!!! I love it!


Sonja said...

Your bride and groom dolls turned out super cute, so did that sweet little pom pom bunny!! I forgot to tell you the other day, I am so jealous you have a Bug!! A pink bug would be the BEST ever!! <3 Sonja

The Blonde Duck said...

How cute!

Anonymous said...

So cute!

kanishk said...

your bride and groom are so cute! I love the bunny, I have no idea how to make pom poms though.
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