Friday, April 23, 2010

Smile its Friday

I hope everyone has a really great weekend tonight I am working on my journal and eating veggie spring rolls, Saturday~shopping and dinner for Brinsley's birthday Sunday~relaxing :D

What's everyones plans?

Hugs and Loves till Monday



jennykate77 said...

YAY for Friday!!! Sounds like your weekend is going to be nice and relaxing...mmmm, veggie spring rolls!

We're going to the rocket races and air show tomorrow. Should be fun!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!♥

Lindsay said...

weekend plans!!! let's see..... carnival tonight and scary movie with lots of chocolate cake (the movie isnt about cake but I will be eating lots of it while watching) and then Saturday i hope to start on some more craft stuff and work on a scrapbook from awhile back :D yay for fun weekends!!! I hope yours is awesome... btw sorry this comment is so long. LOVES!!

Meg said...

Have a wonderful weekend! My weekend looks like I get to deal with a teething baby and maybe if I am lucky some laundry! LOL!

Kristie said...

Hey Carrie doodle (that's my new name for you) lol
What's up girlfriend? I'm not doing much this weekend. Just gonna hang out with the hubs and maybe catch up on some dvr shows. Happy early birthday Brinsley!!

Jamie said...

So glad it's Friday!!! WooHoooo!
This has been a blah week, fo sho. I plan on doing some (little) cleaning and some (a little) laundry and redoing my craft room (a lot) and hopefully our bedroom (finally) and getting my first journal pages done (definitely). =)
Hope you have a wonderfullll weekend (really wonderful)!!!! haha! Love you! xoxo

Stephanie said...

Veggie spring rolls? YUM

Courtney said...

Did you make your own spring rolls? I'm always curious about what other people put in theirs! Let us know pretty please.

Cat said...

Yum, spring rolls! I have some good meatless recipes that I'm going to email you. I'm finally caught up on some crafty things so I'll try to email you those this weekend. As well as maybe some shopping and hanging out with friends. Not really sure yet.


The Blonde Duck said...

I hope Brinsley has a great b-day! I'm going to a wildflower farm and pie shop with a girlfriend tommorow!

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Carrie; Your weekend sounds really nice... and a Happy Birthday to Brinsley...early...I am just staying put,,,I could use a quite weekend.... enjoy yours....


miss indie said...

huge yay for Fridays!! I'm spending the weekend getting some good Spring cleaning done and attempting to get caught up on orders.
aaaaand I just bought some sweet pea seeds that I really want to get planted. :]
I hope you have a fantastic weekend!!
xx. M

Amber said...

Sounds like your weekend will be great. Friday was The Flaming Lips concert and tonight was game night for friends. Tomorrow lunch with the inlaws and some craft time! Yay!
Hope you have a great weekend.

Mama Ventura said...

I hope your weekend was awesome!

Liz said...

I hope you had a great weekend!