Friday, June 18, 2010

Yay its Friday

I love all the names everyone came up with for the sock monkey I think I am going with Mr. Monkey Sock :D thanks Jamie
I really wanted to post pictures of my next two pages of my journal but someone (Noah) has misplaced my memory card.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday I am enjoying a day alone its nice sometimes to just be alone :D and relax!

Hugs to all my wonderful friends


Lindsay said...

you are so flippin' cute!! Happy friday to you!!!

Stephanie said...

I don't know how I missed your post on the sock monkey name, but I like the one you chose, cute!! It's funny...I have pictures of myself and my cousins as kids and my grandma always made us all monkeys. I wish I still had mine.

Have a good weekend <3

ashleyrwatts said...

Haha, cute name! A day alone is always nice! Hope you have a good weekend, girl!

xo! Ash

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

haha awesome. i named min oliver. mostly because i want a sog names oliver soo badly, but i cant have one where i oliver the sock monkey it is :)

Courtney said...

Man! Am I the only one who didn't name my sock monkey? haha
Enjoy your time alone! I looove having time alone. I hope you get to do eveyrthing that you want today!

chelseybell. said...

enjoy your day alone! hope you have a great weekend!

and mr. monkey is too cute.

Jamie said...

LOL, I love it! Maybe our Monkey Socks can be friends? =)
They could be long distance pen pals and visit each other. (pictures would be required, of course) haha!
You're too cute! Love you! xoxo

Rambling Girl said...

Oh how cute! Love his new name! I had one of those when I was little.

Oh yes it is nice to be alone!

Kerrie said...

Carrie, I linked out of curiosity as my Mom's name was Carrie and my name is Kerrie. My Mom made sock monkeys for all the grandchildren and to sell. Each one was always cuter than the last one! I too, love sunsets and the evening sky! And I love writing in my journals and doodling with colored gel pens! My curiosity is totally satisfied~hugs, Kerrie

Kristie said...

Hey girl! Happy weekend! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a great weekend!

Meg said...

Love the monkey! I hope that you had a great weekend! It's nice to get back to "real" life after our vacation...I didn't know I was in you neck of the woods, but I guess I was close! All I know, is it is HOT down there!!!