Monday, July 19, 2010

Playing Catch Up

I am back sorry it took so long I have been in kinda of a funk lately not sure why...

so lets play catch up I had a great visit from one of best friends since kindergarten we had not seen each other in 17 years can you believe it! Julie love you girl :)When Johnny was on vacation one of the things we did was tubing had a blast! But it really reminded me that yes girl you are going on 36 I was so sore the next day lol

Our garden is growing great look at those tomato plants they are taller than me!

I have a cute post coming up soon involving Monkey Sock and Mr. Monkey Sock
I just want to thank Gina for being a great friend! Love you girl and I want to tell all my friends that I have made through this blog you all mean the world to me!!!!



Jamie said...

hehehe! They look so cute together!!!! You've been missed! Hope you're having a great Monday! Love ya! xoxo

Sal said...

aww we missed you too! welcome back Carrie <3

Meg said...

Welcome back! I still can't believe you are going on 36, you look 26 tops! I hope that you are having a wonderful Monday!

Stephanie said...

Glad to see your back!! Looks like you've been having fun!!

Steph :)

PaperCameraScissor said...

Awww thanks to you for being a great friend!! love you too!!
Can you believe I will be 39 on Wednesday? I can not believe it myself.

l love your monkey couple. you could add a bow to the other one( if it is a girl?)

I am hoping your back to blogging --i really do miss it a lot!!! I mean A LOT!!!!

Katie said...

Welcome back! I love those sock monkeys, too cute! :)

Amber said...

Welcome back!! I hope you had a great little vacation with the hubby. How great that you got to meet up with an old friend??
Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a nice time! Look at your tomatoes.....Wow! Ours didn't fair so well this year!