Thursday, August 26, 2010

Getting Through

I am just trying to get through the week

~Noah is sick running a fever for the last two days

~My grandmother is still in ICU but she is mad and wants to come home so thats a good sign

~I really want my dining room back and my yard to quit resembling a junk yard the yard sale is Saturday so I hope I can keep my OCD in check until then

~I want my creative mojo back but its just not happening I am blaming it on the heat

How is your week going?



April said...

Sorry to hear that Noah is sick and that your grandma is still in the hospital. I'll say a prayer for them both! My week is going better; started off a little rocky with Brittany away at college, but she seems so happy! For now...that's all that really matters.

Meg said...

That is a good sign that's she's mad and wants to go home, still praying and thinking about you! I hope Noah gets better!! You look so cute in that pic!

Jen @ said...

Oh Carrie --

I am hoping that Noah and your grandma get better soon! It sounds stressful. I know what you are saying about the yard and house though. I really need to get on top of my housework. Oh well. I hope your weekend is much better!


Ruth Ann said...

Hope Noah and your grandma get better real soon! They're in my prayers!

Amber said...

I hope Noah gets to feeling better and that your grandma is able to come home soon.
My week is so so. I am itching for cooler weather...wanting to decorate for fall:)
Good luck with the yard sale!

Courtney said...

Man! Sounds a bit stressful but in a week or two I am sure that everything will be back to normal.
(At least you look super comfy!)

PaperCameraScissor said...

Sorry to hear about all the stress in your life. ((HUGS)) I hope it gets better.

I feel i live under rock when it comes to all my blog friends.

love ya and miss ya gina

Kristie said...

Hope things are better Carrie.

Mariana (: said...

❤ Good luck! Hang on with that! :)
xo Mariana

Jenni said...

Hi Carrie~

I am so sorry to hear that your grandma is in the hospital, but agree with you that it's a good sign she is mad and wants to come home! I am also sorry that Noah has been sick this week! :(
Okay, and the heat can take away anyone's motivation! I know it does for me!

I will pray that your son and grandma feel better, AND that you have a much better time of it NEXT week! I hope your yard sale goes well! :)


Anonymous said...

Praying for your Grandmother and Noah! Sounds like she's quite the fighter!

Hope your yard sale goes good!