Wednesday, September 15, 2010

big brother

I am so ready for Big Brother tonight!!!!!
I really hope Hayden wins but I am ok with Lane or Enzo
who do you want to win?

Oh I finally made a granny square!!! I will post pics tomorrow

Have a great night



Marla Rae Morrison said...

yay! i can't wait to see a pic! : )

BK said...

I'm team Enzo! Hayden is my second choice. Lane does not need the money. So sad it's ending!

Anonymous said...

I don't watch the show but I am likeing the pic you posted...what a yummy boy! ;)
Can't wait to see your first granny square! xox

carly. said...

oh, i don't like hayden. blah him and rachel would always yell at the camera when it was just one on one in that room haha. and he just kinda bugs me. i don't really like any of the top 3 but i have a feeling lane might win it...

i only watched a few episodes here and there so i'm not a pro or anything haha

Kristie said...

And....Hayden took it home! He deserved it. He won 5 HOHs and played a damn good social game as well. It was a great BB season. Now, I'm all depressed that it's over. We have to wait a whole nother year for BB13. Dang.

Tina Leigh said...

I dont watch it...sorry.