Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weekend Plans

Here are my weekend plans
Paint pumpkin these were last years

Clean house

Cook bbq

use the fire pit

watch GA kick butt (I hope)

Dye hair

Decorate yard for halloween

What are your plans?




Chrissy said...

Pumpkin Patch, Pumpkin decorating, decorate porch for Halloween...lots of fun stuff!!

Bonnie said...

what color are you dying your hair? sounds like a fun list for the weekend except for the cleaning but it's gotta get done. cute pumpkins.

melissa kaye said...

Painting pumpkins, huh? :) That sounds like fun! I need to go buy some little ones for my dining room table. Thanks for reminding me!

I'm finally getting back to blogging after being away so long..ha. Let's hope I can keep up with it this time!

Hope all is well, Carrie!
Have a super week!


kym said...

Love the painted pumpkins :-)

Hearthandmade said...

your pumpkins look fab!