Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Georgia Guidestones aka America's Stonehenge

I live in a pretty rural area of Georgia last Thursday my little part of the woods was featured on he discussed the Georgia Guidestones they are located right outside of my town no one around here really knows what they are or who built them but the are very interesting. We used to visit them alot as teenagers.
Well I watched the show and all I can say is thank goodness I am in the safe zone. Seriously it was interesting so you should check it out!

I could not find a link to the show but the link above tells a little about the Guidestones

Let me know what you think



Marla Rae Morrison said...

I love that show! I just watched that episode. Me and Phillip really want to come check them out one day! He told me about them a few years ago! They are really cool!

Carrie said...

If you do let me know we should get together

Ashley Watts said...

Whoa, I never knew these existed...I'll definitely have to find a way to check 'em out sometime - I love me a good conspiracy lol.

I've been looking up this guy R.C. Christian (the man who supposedly had this built) and it's getting into some creepy stuff like aliens, egyptians, and the masons. I'm feeling a Dr. Who episode in the works! :P lol

April said...

Wow...that's so interesting, Carrie...I never never something like that was anywhere around!

Tam said...

I have a question....AS teenagers when you hung out there did you know the history behind the stones or is this something you heard about later. Very intresting indeed!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting! I had never heard of these stones.