Thursday, March 3, 2011


I love this man :)I take goofy pictures of myself in the mirror
has a daughter that is graduating this year
I share my lap with a cat and a dog while on the computertakes silly pictures of my son
loves this little mutt much so so much :)
has a crazy cat
loves to crochet
I told you goofy pictures lol

and has a very creative son lol
that's me



April said...

You have such a cute family, Carrie! How are you feeling about your daughter graduating from high school in only a couple of months? Shed any tears yet?

Carrie said...

I am not that excited about it lol I haven't yet but I know I will!!!!

Anonymous said...

The silly mirror pictures are so fun! You have the cutest family (fur family included)!

Jules said...

A fun. It's a bitter-sweet time when the kiddos are finished with their school years.

Wish Me Luck said...

tehee I like your kitty's expression when she was on your lap. XD My sister actually graduated a couple years ago.