Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 5-11

Someone I love ~ Johnny boy of course
Childhood memory~me on my incredible hulk big wheel yea I rocked
Something new~I just bought this stuff at the store so its pretty darn new
Technology~ we are huge gamers around we also have 2 xboxes, playstation 3 and n64
faceless self portrait
Something fun~my bike
I skipped day 10 not on purpose but it was something you made and ya'll have seen plenty of that lol
ok I am caught up :)

happy Thursday


Anonymous said...

Love the pic of you with your Hulk big wheel! So cute! Your bicycle is sweet!

Anonymous said...

I am still bitter that I was never given a big wheel! I remind my parents often that I still haven't gotten one....LOL!

O. said...

we have a bunch of game systems too. 3 xbox's, ps3, i have that pink ds, all the old systems :)

Serena said...

I loved my big wheel so much. I'm pretty sure I have almost an identical pic.