Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hump Day

Today's prompt was clouds I tried
but as you can see not a cloud in the sky
I will have to try this again on another day
I thought I would share these pretty flowers that Johnny got me
on Sunday I love the colors!
Today is my day off I got alot of the things done on my to do list
like cleaning my bedroom I don't know why but our room is the
catch all if something does not have a place to go :(

well its clean now
laundry still working on it (its never ending)

Meghan suggest looking in to a refurbished Kitchen aid mixer
I did and found one for 189.00 not to shabby I think
it may be my birthday present!!!

Stay cool its a hot one


Jacque said...

OO I love the flowers! They are so pretty and colorful! :)

Cottage Rose said...

Now that is a blue sky..... and the flowers your sweetie gave you are oh so gorgeous....


Meg said...

You have such a thoughtful hubby!! My KA is still going strong today :) It gets lots of abuse, lol.

Anonymous said...

Those flowers are definitely pretty! Well, they may not be any clouds but the sky was pretty!