Wednesday, September 28, 2011

7 years of bad luck

Do you see that beautiful mirror that my sister gave me I a couple years ago out of her beauty shop
Well Noah's size fourteen feet and Glitch (the cat) had an accident today
 yes the mirror broke into about 500 million pieces I could have cried ok I did cry but lucky no one was hurt..... so my day did not start out well at all :(
 I did manage to get most of my fall decorations up 
Here is the doll house
 I think it looks pretty darn cute
 what do you think?

Oh I think I our bad luck has started
Dixie ate Noah's egg roll
The light over my kitchen sink fell
I squirted dish soap everywhere 
and spray painted my thumb 

I am just going to go sit in a corner somewhere and not move lol

I hope your day was better than mine

For real though I am glad he did not get hurt



Lindsey said...

Oh no not fun at all! I hope your day gets better friend!

jules said...

Oh my goodness! That had to make one heck of a loud crash!

Tina Leigh said...

Keep the frame. You can prolly get it replaced at a window store pretty cheap. Worth checkin into. Love Hello Kitty's haunted house!!!

Samantha said...

i hope you don't have bad luck! throw salt over your shoulder or something, maybe that will cancel it out haha

Paislea Elyse said...

ahhhhhh!!! i love that mirror! it's soooo pretty!!!

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Funny Guy and His Wife said...

Oh no! That mirror was gorgeous(and so big, no telling the cost)! Sorry you had a bad day, but things can only get better :)

Elise said...

Oh no...I would totally ball up and stay that way!! Here's hoping nothing else happens!! Oh, LOVE your dining room-its so cheerful!!!!

Serena said...

Holy cow...that's a lot of mirror to break! On the plus side, if things get too bad, you can always move in with Hello Kitty. She's pretty stylin'.