Monday, November 7, 2011

About me

I have got a few new followers lately :)
So I thought I would do this 
The A-Z's of me
B...Best Friend~I have a lot of really good friends but I would have to say Johnny is my best friend 
C...Chore you hate~laundry ugh and cleaning the bathroom
D...Dogs~Dixie and Sadie (Sadie is scared of my camera)
E... Essential to the start of your day~a can Coke I am not a big coffee drinker but I need my Coke in the morning
F...Favorite color~right now turquoise 
G...Gold or Silver~silver or white gold 
I...Instrument you play~lol nothing I am so not musically inclined
J...Job~Library and mom
K...Kids~Brinsley and Noah
L...Live~small town in GA
M...Mom's name~Carol
N...Nicknames~Care bear Johnny calls me Carrie Dean not sure why but he does
O...Overnight Hospital stays~too many to count 
P...Pet peeves~I could do a post just on this subject but one that comes to mind is people that smack their food yuck
Q...Favorite quote~"If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary-wise; what it is it wouldn't be, and what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?" Alice in Wonderland
R...Right or Left handed~right
S...Siblings~Christy and Robyn
T...Time you wake up~it depends on if I have to work if I do have to work around 9 if I don't have to work 10 I love to sleep and I am a night owl so not to many early morning for me... Johnny has to get up at 5 poor baby
U... Ultimate vacation~a secluded island some where ahh
V... Vegetable you hate~celery it is a vegetable right
X...X-ray~chest, teeth, wrist
Y...Yummy food you make~mac and cheese and potato salad
Z...Zoo animal~the monkeys of course



Dollie @ Dollie Creates said...

I can't start my day without a can of Coke either! I'm a night owl as well, Stuart (my hubby) has to get up at like 5:30 too. Poor guys! I might have to make a like this on my blog soon.

Hope you had a great weekend, and a great day!


Elise said...

What a fun post!! I used to drink Coke like it was going out of style, but can't stand it now. How un-American, right?!?! Hahahaha!!!

April said...

I get up every morning at 5 AM, too...big bummer! I'm like you, I love my sleep!

Anonymous said...

wooo hoo I dont like celery!

thinkpriddy said...

coke in the morning? lol you're silly :)

a boy a girl and a pug said...

love this!! so with you on the coke. my mom always has to have a coke with ice first thing in the morning so i have very fond memories of her driving me to school and me stealing sips. no better way to start the day! ha!

KatieDidItt said...

Ahh! Your dog looks so cute in that picture!!


desritos said...

Hey carrie its desiree i got a blog check it out.

Serena said...

Nice! I hear you on the pet peeves. That's one of the ones that gets me the most.

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

I love this! I especially agree with I, P and T!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Alexis Kaye said...

celery is nasty. soda is way better than coffe. I acutally like doing laundry. Islands are the best vacations! :) hahaha!

Alyssa said...

I'm with you on celery~. I don't like the stringy bits, but I do like the flavor, so I pretty much have to pulverize it when I put it in tuna. XD

Oh! And I'm not a fan of dark colas, but I found out recently, after a taste test, that I'm definitely a Coke girl and not a Pepsi girl. No Pepsi. No.

Look beyond the picket fence said...

I am a night owl as well. I like both coffee and coke! I saw a recipe for a coca cola cake on Pinterest. I want to give it a try. They said it was a southern inspired cake.

rosieposie said...

this is such a fun thing to do! x

lisa said...

I love reading these! I want some mac and cheese! :)

Holly said...

You look so much younger than 37! I bet you hear that all the time though. I work at the library too! It's good to know more about you, my friend. ♥