Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

I hope everyone had a great weekend
We had a pretty nice one
Froze watching football but that's ok
Because GA is #1 in the EAST!!!
Yes I am very excited about it :)

 Today everyone was home which is really rare lately 
So we took our own little Goonies 
Geo caching 

 We never did find this one but had fun any way

 I sat this one out 

Afterwards we stop at McDonalds so I could get a Hello Kitty happy meal eek!!!
and my first instagram
Can anyone figure out what is in the background lol

Happy Sunday 



Serena said...

I love those train cars. Such great texture.

Anonymous said...

Cute Hello Kitty! :) Sounds like a fun filled weekend!

thinkpriddy said...

true fans! facing the cold weather. Hope you have a wonderful day :)

Alyssa said...

Those old train cars look rather pretty. :D

yours truly dear said...

whaaaaat!? hello kitty happy meal!? how have i not heard of this? i need to go to mcdonalds stat! haha :)