Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I am so sad Glitch 
 has been missing since last Thursday
 I hope he is just off roaming like tom cats do but I really want him to come home
Please say a little prayer because his family misses him so bad



Stella said...

Aw, I'd hate to have a missing cat! Will pray you find him!

rach. said...

oh my goodness, i'll pray for you. i hope you find your kitty!

love, rach.

christine said...

We’ve moved! I hope you’ll come visit our new home :)


Serena said...


Adri said...

Three of my boy cats have disappeared this year : ( two from my moms house in co and my outside farm cat! I loved them all so dearly and hope they are all just at a kitty convention and will be home from business soon! My thoughts are with your meow too!