Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Nerdy Side

 Everyone that knows me knows that I am a nerdy, goofy, girly girl I love pink and of course Hello Kitty the above quote pretty much sums me up!
 Johnny bought me Lego's for our anniversary 
I can spend hours playing video games
 I work at a Library
I love school supplies
 I am hoping to go to this at the end of the month as a volunteer!
I read comic books 
love sci fi
and scary movies
 and apparently my son is following in my foot steps (except for the love of pink and being a girly girl lol)

I just felt like sharing


scrapperjen said...

Thanks for sharing!
Embrace your inner nerd - we all have one, whether we want to admit it or not.

She said...

Thanks for sharing! I just posted the Zooey quote a few days ago, ADORE HER!! I love lego!! Xx

Cbiji Collection said...

I love your eye mask!! Adorable!!

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