Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Garden Bench

In my last post I mentioned that I really want to have a herb garden so, I saw this really cute garden bench on pinterest 
oh yeah I can do this and I think for very little money
my brother in law gave us some rock borders last year, so a plan came together

with some shelving board I already had
I now have me the cutest garden bench and the herbs are loving it, we see will how they are doing around July in the Georgia heat!

Whatcha' think?


Kymcakes VSG said...

I really want to do this, so cute and clever.
I have had luck with herbs. I usually grow basil, cilantro, dill and chives. And plant a few marigolds to keep those pesky critters away.
I'll try to keep up with your blog to see how your herbs are doing.

Carrie Mewborn said...

thanks Kymcakes I planted marigolds too I am hoping that will help!