Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Life with Migraines

I don't share a whole lot of "real life" struggles on here but hey we all know life is not gardening and cute shoes.
I have suffered from migraines since I was ten years old, been on meds etc. 
After Noah was born (18 yrs ago) I had the migraines under control with some here and there but off the meds

Well in the last 6 months they are back full blown like one a week!
Its affecting my life now and I am so frustrated!

I am asking for prayers, good vibes, or any advice!



Anonymous said...

I don't usually leave comments, but I love your blog! My daughter was diagnosed with a migraine related condition at 3 years old, and I can honestly say it is really difficult issue to deal with, my heart goes out to you. We have tried some things that have really worked to help minimize episodes. You may have already tried them especially if you have been having them for a long time. The first is Riboflavin, my daughter takes 100mg a day, and she went from weekly to every three weeks with Riboflavin and Coq10 100 mg. Both are very safe to take, and I think the Neorolgists prescribe like 400 mg of Riboflavin for adults for migraines. Its very safe as its water soluble, like vitamin C, so its not toxic in large doses. The coq10 in combination has really helped my daughter. We also do magnesium daily which is also very safe. We have ice packs we place on the back of the neck and a eye mask that do help a lot once it starts. Anyhow, I hope this information helps you. The problem with using medication is they often cause rebound headaches, and although we have to use them for our daughter, we do try to use them as a last resort, and use the preventive stuff daily to make the episodes less. Again, I hope your able to reduce these, as I know how awful it is to go through these weekly. Watching my daughter go through these has been heart wrenching, and I"m not sure most people realize how debilitating these really are. Best wishes to you, Angie

Carrie Mewborn said...

Angie thank you so much for the advice!