Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thrift store finds

I was at our thrift store looking at baskets for a project we are working on for the dog show and found this cute jars. I am not really sure what to put in them does anyone have any suggestion? I spent 3.00 total cool huh!
BTW: I hate to say it but I am glad Jason is gone
Happy Thursday


Robyn Beele said...

Wow you did good! You could put candy in them.

Kim said...

Hey Carrie! I saw in a magazine where someone used jars like this to store laundry detergent (powder), clothes pins, etc.

Great find!!!

Meg said...

I have a set of those apothecary jars and they're empty. lol.. For easter I put plastic eggs in them. I plan on putting lemons and limes in them for my kitchen, I just haven't bought any yet. I've seen twigs, shells, decorative balls, basically anything small I've seen put in them. Great price!

Mrs. B said...

What a great deal on those jars! I like the variety of sizes. You could do something decorative, like shells, potpouri, or something. Or you could do crafty stuff... ribbons, buttons, etc. Or you could do practical in either the kitchen (lemons, coffee beans, etc.) or bathroom (cotton balls, q tips, soaps). I just filled one of mine with cotton balls and I like it.

I was happy to see Jason go too. I used to really like him 'cause I thought he was very unique, but I was ready for him to go.

Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

Julia said...

They have some cute plastic fruits and flowers and stuff at wal-mart in the crafts section. You could do like one with all lemons, one with all pears, one with all oranges. Something like that?

How cute!!!

Marie said...

THREE DOLLARS???? Way to go! I love them. :o) I have no idea what to put in them though. lol I put three of mine by my tub...that I never never been in. Two more came with assorted things in it- so I didn't have to come up with things on my own. lol