Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday Nonsense

I finally got a picture of Sadie she is very camera shy:

Yard sale finds I also got a dress I bought from Robyn but I had already put it away the bird cage was 1.00 and the candle holders 3.00I don't have a whole lot to say today I am so tired from work. Still working on that fundraiser. Who does everyone think will go home tonight on American Idol? I think it needs to be Jason!

Love ya'll



Robyn Beele said...

Oh look at my Sadie!! You got some great stuff, especially that dress! ;)

Marie said...

Thankfully it WAS Jason. He was horrible this week.

CUTE finds and CUTE dog! :o)

Meg said...

Such cute finds. From now on, I'm going yard saling, so much for staying at home! lol, that's for the birds!

Julia said...

What a cutie!!!

Mrs. B said...

Look at your sweet Sadie! My Shih Tzu, Chloe, never holds still for the camera. It is so hard to get a decent pic of her. I used to like Jason, but I was glad to see him go this week.