Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bicycle Nightmare!

About a month ago Noah's bicycle got stolen from our backyard the weird thing is that whoever stole it left a bicycle in its place (a piece of crap I might add). We reported it stolen knowing good and well that we would never see the bike again. The police told Noah just to ride the piece of crap. Well a couple of weeks later Johnny gets a call at work (he works at the Sheriff's depart) they think they found Noah's bike with a group of boys. Yes it was Noah's bike I was shocked the chain was off but besides that it was still in good shape.

Last night Noah's riding his bike the chain goes flying off and so does Noah he is scraped all down his arm, head, and leg. Is this the bike from hell or what!

Just thought I would share. I won't give away who's The Mole but I was grinning when they revealed have a great day ya'll.



Amy said...

I don't know if I was supposed to laugh when you said "Is this the bike from hell or what?" but I had to! I can't believe they left a bike in the place of the new one! Also not funny, but great blogging material nonetheless! Thanks for the birthday wishes! I appreciate it!

Meg said...

wow, what an experience! poor Noah! I'd have to get a new bike..

How about BB? I already know who won POV, wish I didn't. That's what I get for reading spoilers though. This week is def. entertaining!

Robyn Beele said...

POOR Noah! That bike needs to go! :)

Valarie said...

I agree I think after all that trauma with that bike, maybe he should get a new one.

Marie said...

Jeez! Poor Noah!

Yes, the Mole turned out very well. :o) The Mole was a good Mole, I think. And I'm glad the person who won, won.

BB is good this week. For awhile I was thinking this is the most boring season of BB ever!