Friday, January 30, 2009

A Tag

I was tagged by Jen go check out her she has the cutest family and blog. So here go 6 random things about myself.

1. I have a touch of OCD just ask my family

2. I talk to my dogs and cat like they really understand and may actually talk back

3. When I am stressed I clean

4. I grind my teeth so bad at night I have to wear a mouth piece

5. I HATE shopping for clothes but love shopping for other stuff

6. I love games my favorite is Catch Phrase but I really want to play Apples to Apples have you played is it fun?

ok that was fun I am tagging everyone who reads this, I hope everyone has a fun weekend. Anyone having a Super Bowl party?

Have Fun and Be Safe



jenjen said...

I loved reading the things about you Carrie. Thanks for playing! I bought Apple to Apples for my daughter for Christmas. We haven't played it yet though. I heard it is SUPER fun.

Have a great weekend!


Darlene said...

That was a fun read. We have Apples to Apples also and it is a blast!

Lindsey said...

Fun post, loved learning more about you!!!

Yes, Apples to Apples is so much fun!

Kim & Ryan said...

Apples to Apples is a blast. We got it for Christmas and have already gotten a lot of use out of it.

Nina Diane said...

oh yeah.....Apples to Apples is lots of fun but we're like you, Catch Phrase is our fav. We play it at most of our family gatherings.
have a great weekend..

April said...

I love Apples to Apples, too! It's a great family game! Nope, no plans for a Super Bowl will be Brittany's 17th birthday! Boy, do I feel O.L.D. now!

Ruth Ann said...

I'm a Pittsburgh girl here...we're definitely going to a Super Bowl Party...that's a must in South Western PA!
I talk to my dog too, like she understands!
Have a great weekend!
-Ruth Ann

Ms. Tee said...

Apples to Apples is lots of fun, Carrie -we love it. :) And I'm with you on clothes shopping. lol ;) Have a great weekend!

Tam said...

Fun Tag....NOPE I have never played any of those games yet. Candyland is a hit around here right now...LOL

Liz said...

I have never heard of Apples to Apples. I have to work Sunday night so no Superbowl party here.

Jill said...

Loved learning these little juicy tidbits about you Miss Carrie! You sound a lot like me! LOL!

Jenni @ nest to keep said...

Hi Carrie~
I like your random things list...I am so glad to know that someone else out there talks to their animals like they will answer...I know this sounds strange, but doesn't it seem like they really DO understand? :)

I haven't played either Catch Phrase or Apples to Apples. What exactly is Catch Phrase? Just curious...we are kind of lame, I guess; we didn't watch the Super Bowl. I hope you enjoyed it! :)

Sandy Toes said...

Catch Phrase is so it!
-sandy toe