Monday, December 14, 2009

Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

Jen is having a little party and its all about handmade Christmas gift which is right up my alley!

So I have decided to share two ideas first homemade candles who doesn't love candles right.
I bought this sugar container at a thrift store for a dollar
fill it with candle wax and voila a cute kitchen candle (all candle materials can be bought at michaels or other hobby stores just read the instructions carefully) Johnny made these :-)
My second idea is handmade ornaments all grandparents, aunts, and mothers love handmade ornaments so you can't go wrong with this idea and its CHEAP (we all like that).

Here is the recipe (don't eat yuck very salty)

Basic Salt Dough Recipe


  • 1 cup of fine salt
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 1/2 cup of water (may add more)


  • In a large bowl, combine the salt and the flour
  • Make a well in the salt/flour mixture and add the water
  • Knead until smooth and shape into a ball
  • When not in use, wrap in plastic or store in an airtight container

roll out and use cookie cutters, put a toothpick in them to make a hole for the hook let them dry completely.

Then decorate with paints, glitter etc. Anything your heart desires ♥

So everyone go check out the party!

Note: I have a sick child right now to every new mom out there just remember no matter how old or big your kids get when they don't feel good they still want their mamas!

Have great day if you have any good ideas handmade gift ideas link up!



Stacey said...

Cute ideas!

Lindsay said...

Love the homemade ornaments! Hope your "baby" :) feels better!!

jennykate77 said...

Great ideas, Carrie! I love the little homemade ornaments! That's a clever idea to reuse containers and turn them into candles...thrifty too! :)

Hope you're having a great day!!

Darlene said...

Love your candle and the salt dough ornaments. Lexi is having another mini society at school on Friday and one of the things we made for it was salt dough ornies!! It was fun showing her how to do them and getting them all decorated. I'll probably show them later this week.

Hope you child feels better quickly.♥ Yep, Mama's the best medicine there is!!!!!

Jacque said...

oooo!! I love candles!! I really want to make some homemade candles now!! I remember making salt dough Christmas ornaments when I was little! I feel very nostalgic now! Really cute post!

jenjen said...

Such cute ideas Carrie! My kids would love to make those salt dough ornaments!

Thanks for linking up - you are so sweet!


Rhonda said...

Love the ornaments! So cute! Sorry you have a sick one! Hope it looks up soon. Come on over if you get a chance before tomorrow night. I'm having a giveaway.

PaperCameraScissor said...

Carrie--Have you ever made dough for ornaments out of apple sauce and cinnamon? I love this kind because it smells so good. if you would like to know how to make it let me know.

Love the candle!! reminds me of strawberry shortcake( the original)--gotta love her! plus i love candles.
((hugs)) to your baby hope they get better soon

Jules said...

How long do those dough ornaments keep? Those look like they would be fun to make.

You're right, my kids are grown and they still come over to lay on my couch when they are sick. But I do love to take care of them, even now.

SJ said...

Such cute ideas! I especially love the make your own candle idea!

PS- I know I still want my mom when I get sick!

Debbie said...

Both are wonderful ideas. I know I love candles! I made some salt dough ornaments on Sunday and put back a dozen to send to my eight year old neice to decorate. She is always wanting a craft project to do.

Hope your baby gets to feeling better. My 44 yr old (DH) was up all night feeling blah....

Take Care,

krista said...

that candle is great! i'm always dropping tea lights into things that aren't candle holders. custard dishes, fun glasses, jars, vases, but i never thought to actually turn something totally awesome into a totally awesome candle.

i'm gonna have to try this. thanks.

April said...

What great ideas, Carrie! You are the queen of craftiness! ;) Sure hope your child gets better real soon!

Sherry said...

The ornaments are cute and colorful I think I'll have my little one paint some for "gift tags" thanks for the idea.

Sherry said...

I am just wandering, do you not have to bake your salt dough ornaments? how long is the drying process? I was wanting to make them for some friends and didn't know how long it'd take!

Carrie said...

yes Sherry I am sorry you bake them at 350 for 1 hr or until dry this is before decorating!

Anonymous said...

I love the candle idea! Cute ornaments!