Friday, December 11, 2009

My Christmas Wish List

Johnny ahem I mean Santa {{hint hint}}

I love this necklace with of course Brinsley and Noah's name

Too cute!
I love these shoe so ♥ size 9 pls
i need these now!
Vivianna aka polka dot robot

some owl love

what can i say...

oh DS how I love thee and there is the cutest Hello Kitty cover for you

photo credit google images

Okay that was fun to dream for a minute!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Tonight Brinsley and I are helping with a catering job it should be interesting to say the least but we are getting paid and fed.
Saturday I am going to a friends to make gingerbread houses!!!!
Sunday nothing :-)

Any good weekend plans?



Anonymous said...

Great wish list Carrie! I hope Johnny (read Santa) is good to you this year :)
Wish I could come over and bake cookies with you!
We're getting our tree this weekend, doing some wrapping and alot of relaxing...
Have a great weekend! xx

shelliebellie said...

hi! cool blog! love your lil snowmen ornaments! and thats a great sock monkey. ive been wanting to make one for a while now. yeah my name is acctually michelle. and my parents called me shelly when i was baby. and my bf added the belly. when i was pregnant. lol

cute blue owl! i think i want to start an owl collection this year. theyre sooo cute!!

Jenni @ nest to keep said...

Hey there Carrie! I like your Christmas list, and hope "Santa" sees this post! :) I REALLY like those mittens! SO cute! I hope your catering job goes well, and that you have a fun time making gingerbread houses tomorrow! :)

Alli said...

Love those owls - great wishlist! I have a White Elephant party to attend tonight (I LOVE white elephant parties!), but the rest of the weekend is pretty open. I'll certainly be doing some thrifting and crafting!

Have a great one!

Stacey said...

I like your wish list. Have fun this weekend!

Nina Diane said...

great Christmas list...hope Santa is good to you! I'm shopping this weekend. I truly want to just finish it all up!

Rambling Girl said...

Great wish list...I think I will have to make one next week.

As for doing anything this weekend...let's see....Longhorns for my office Christmas Dinner, tomorrow night..hubstud Christmas Dinner and which is always nice...Sunday church...and the whole weekend...freedom of kids...which doesn't happen often.

Oh yeah did you get your goodies at Ole Clarkesville?

jennykate77 said...

Super fab list!! I really ♥ those shoes. What brand are they? Isaiah is getting a DS for Christmas...I'm planning on jacking it every once in a while...maybe even buying a few of my own games. ;) I also would LOVE to have a Nikon. A girl can dream, right?!

Hope you have a great weekend!!

Giggly said...

I love your list!! How fun!! Have a lovely weekend!! Sounds like you have some good plans ahead. :)

Carrie said...

Jenny Kate the shoes are Toms and every pair that is purchase they give a child in need a pair of shoes!

Cat said...

Love the list! I'm starting to find myself drawn to owls lately, so I'm really into those, and of course the camera hehe! Have a fun weekend!


The Blonde Duck said...

I LOVE the owls! I'm really into owls lately.

onlymehere said...

Want to switch lives for the weekend? I have a nervous breakdown scheduled for Sunday, lol! Your life sounds much more fun this weekend than mine! Cindy

Denise said...

I love your post. They make me smile. Love the necklace. Your son and my youngest son look very similar. I hope to get back to my blog and post more often. Life gets so busy. I hate that. Well love your blog. Have a great weekend.

Cottage Rose said...

Hi Carrie; What a great Santa list.. I would love for Santa to bring me a new camera..... have a great weekend..


Stacey said...

Thanks for grabbing my button. I would add yours, but everytime I try to add one, I mess something up and accidentally delete some! I finally just gave up adding them. I might try again soon. :)

PaperCameraScissor said...

Cute list!! I hope you get what you want. Love the toms, owl necklace and of course the camera.
My dd bought the hello kitty cover for her ds last year.
Its cute!!
My weekend plans---staying WARM!!!! create and smile

Christina said...

Ohhhh, lots of fun things. I love the fingerless gloves. I showed some to my daughter the other day and she said, "but mom, my fingers will still get cold." We were going to get her some for Christmas. Still might. : )

Love the camera. I hope you get one.

Anonymous said...

ooo. nice list. i have the sparkly tom's and they are the most comfortable shoes i own!

SJ said...

What a great list! I love love LOVE those TOMS!

Anonymous said...

Great wish list! I love that necklace!