Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Recap And The Google Game

We had a great weekend just kinda hung out as a family which is really nice because when you have teenagers and a husband who has not had a day off in fourteen days that is a rare thing! We watched movies, had great meals and lots of laughs. (Bad me I didn't take one picture all weekend that is so unlike me).

I have seen this around on several blogs so I thought I would play along its the google game :D

Favorite drink
Favorite show
car as a teenager (I loved this car)
favorite meal (this was hard but I swear I could eat fondue for every meal)
celebrity look alike ( I have been told not sure)
Celebrity crush the teacher on Glee (sorry about the small pic)
favorite childhood toy ( i would sit for hours with these loved them so much).
I hope everyone has a wonderful week!



Kristie said...

I totally agree with the favorite drink. I love, love Coca Cola.

PaperCameraScissor said...

I forgot all about those records and books. I had so many how could I forget about them?

Cute google game!

Sitting here watching the Grammy awards.
Glad to hear you guys had a great weekend.

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Ohhhh, I used to love those little records too!!

~ Sarah

Anonymous said...

sweeeeeeeet! :]

Cat said...

cute game! Glad you had a great family weekend, those are the best!!


Meg said...

I've been told that I look like Julia Roberts must be the hair that make people say that about me!

Carol Anne said...

I had that Cinderella record and book! I was telling my husband about those books just this morning! I ruined them because someone told me to put a needle in a dixie cup and run it over it to listen to it. But I ended up scratching it more than hearing anything. Once in awhile I would catch a word or a chime (when you were supposed to turn the page) :)

Stacey said...

You do look like Julia Roberts!

Cherie said...

I am so glad you had a fun and relaxing weekend with your family - sometimes that is just the best way to roll, especially when you husband hasn't had a day off in awhile!

Hope your week starts out great!

kaelah beauregarde said...

im a huge Glee fan!

Sonja said...

Glad you had a good family weekend! I love the show Glee... I am a HUGE Gleek!! I haven't had fondue in soo long, now I really want some YUM!

Tina Leigh said...

I forgot about the record books too!

Who is the guy? I cant tell/or either I just dont know him!

Self-employed...I hate you (just kidding)! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie!
So glad you finally had Johnny at home and had a nice family weekend.
Who is your celeb crush? Can't make him out...
Have a great day!xx

Lindsay said...

yay so glad you guys got a weekend together. I know it must be rough going on 14 days without a break. bleh. I've been told I look like Julia Roberts too, but I do not see it. Oh and Confession... I have never had fondue!

Tam said...

Savannah has the MELTING POT! IT is an ALL FONDUE RESTARUANT! YOU have to try it! I have not been here in Georgia. They are romantic!

The address in case you should get the chance to eat there when visiting
232 E Broughton Street the phone is 912-349-5676 and the company's website is it out. YOU guys should try to GO!!!!

Fondue ROCKS!!!

Anonymous said... fun. i need a rest/stay home weekend. i'm always on the go! hope you have a great week!

JMay said...

Are you as excited as I am then about LOST this week!?


Kelli said...

Love this list. Ahh a Coke and Lost...that's what I'll be doing tomorrow night! I love the record...classic.

The Blonde Duck said...

I loved Cinderella when I was little!!!

a boy a girl and a pug said...

oh Lost!! I cannot wait till wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Glad that you guys had a great weekend!