Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gardening and Glitch

Before we talk garden we can't forget about my little helper Glitch he just loves getting his picture takenSuch a little ham
Here is some of our produce
yummy cantaloupe
the sunflowers are so tall I was looking up taking this picture
so far from the garden we have had squash just about every night ;), okra so so good, we have watermelons on the way and of course the tomatoes I have fried them, canned them, made salsa with them anyone want some lol

I have been seeing recipes for tomato pie I am thinking of making one this weekend any suggestion or a good recipe?

Completely off the subject I have not slept more than four to six hours for the last three nights I am so tired I am a eight hour a night kinda girl (yawn) wish me luck tonight!



Elise said...

I have a friend who makes an awesome tomato pie. I don't have the recipe, unfortunately...
Okra...yum, I love it roasted!! Oh, have you read The Help?? Its excellent!!
Hope you are staying cool. It looks like we are in for slightly cooler temps. Yay!!

Marla Rae Morrison said...

Your kitty is so adorable! Tomato pie sounds very interesting (and yummy)! If you make it, post some pics for us! : )

Anonymous said...

Glitch is so cute! Wow, your garden is doing great!