Thursday, November 17, 2011


Well we are joining the rest of the world we are getting iphones 

Johnny's will be here tomorrow he is getting the 4s
I am getting mine for Christmas

so what apps do I need?

and what cool things do I need to know I am clueless lol



Serena said...

You'll be so addicted! My favorite apps are instagram, my nook app, and skype. There are tons of cool ones I haven't let myself pay for yet.

thinkpriddy said...

instagram!! :)

Sal said...

aww how lucky! everyone in my family has an iphone excpet for me. I have the oldest motorola you can think of! :(

rosieposie said...

aw i am so jealous! i have been wanting one forever! i have an apple mac so it would sync in and everything. I'm hoping maybe for christmas... x

"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...

If you are into stars and planets, then you should enjoy STARWALK (or something like that). Once you add the app to your phone, you can hold your phone down or up or anywhere and it will show you the formations and the names of the stars and planets in your view. You can even do it at your feet and see what's down below. I think it's cool anyway.

Holly said...

Don't feel bad, I just got one recently and I was clueless too. My favorite apps are instagram, camera+, Etsy lovers, facebook, Michael's (craft coupons!) and flickr. Enjoy!

KatieDidItt said...

Instagram is the best!
Let me know when you have your username and everything and we can be friends!


Tina Leigh said...

Hey what is an instagram?! I love my iPhone but I'm not very tech literate at all. I have a friend at work that shows me everything. I'm a very slow learner. Maybe u can teach me something!
The one thing I do love is FaceTime! But I can only use it at work cuz of the wifi connection. I so love talking to my granddaughter on it!

When u get yours we will have to FaceTime one night!