Thursday, November 10, 2011

Photo Dump Friday

Well its that time again Photo Dump Friday
 Sweet babies snuggling 
 its cold 
 I don't know if anyone has seen these dancing flowers but they are pretty cute 
 my backyard 

 Brinsley got me these cute acorn salt and pepper shakers she is so sweet
 also from my backyard
 I have only seen the back of Noah's head since Modern Warfare 3 came out boys (the other day I had about five teenagers in the living room playing)
And I would like to say Happy Birthday to the best husband in the world I love Johnny!!!!

Happy Weekend


thinkpriddy said...

i want your backyard! and those pecans yumm :)

Anonymous said...

What a fun week! I love that you do a Friday photo dump! So smart!! Love those colorful leaves in your backyard!

Serena said...


Tina Leigh said...

I've been meaning to tell you...there are a series of books that I think you would like. The first one is called Savannah from Savannah by Denise Hildreth? (I think). Its about a young woman who lives in Savannah and her name is the same, of course and has to drink a coke each morning! Sounds like you, huh? I know you like the city to. Anywho..Check them out when you can. Good clean books.

Carrie said...

thanks Tina I am looking them up right now!!!

April said...

Lucky you for having a pecan tree nearby! I would LOVE that! Hope your hubby had a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Kirsten said...

ah the joys of the modern warfare 3. i feel your pain.

chantilly said...

aww, love the shots of the little cuties snuggling! my cats do that a lot... it melts my heart :)