Monday, May 19, 2008

A busy week!

This is going to be one busy week this is just some of my to do list:

~Tomorrow we are having a Southern Living At Home party for work and I have to go sign Noah up for band he is going to play the drums yes drums!

~Still working on the Dog Show which is next weekend

~Planning Day Camp for the children I work with at the shelter if anyone has any ideas for day camp please I am all ears.

~Noah graduations 5th grade on Thursday it hurts my heart to say that, I am not looking forward to middle school again.

~We are looking at a new office space which I really hope works out because right now our office is in basement with no windows it is so depressing.

~Planning a Memorial Day cook out and Scavenger Hunt
I am tired just thinking about it...

On to more important things j/k of course but I am confused about DHW so next year it will be five years later? If anyone has any insight please tell me but besides that bit of confusion it was good!
Happy Monday!


Mrs. B said...

Oh no Carrie, you can't have a party tomorrow! You have to be at home watching David Cook on AI!!!

Don't you just hate when those kids go and grow up on you. Very bothersome of them. Junior high wasn't so bad with my oldest, but high school is another story entirely!

Oh, now I'm curious about DHW. I used to watch that and Grey's Anatomy every week, but a few months ago, my Tivo died and I lost several weeks of shows I hadn't watched yet. Then the writer's strike came, and I just never got started watching again after missing so much. Now I'm thinking I might have to buy it on DVD or something so I can catch up!

FlipFlop Mom said...

Well girl.. your week IS full.... Have a great time keeping busy!!! and remember to take some time for yourself!!!

Marie said...

Wow! You ARE busy! I'm tired out just reading what you have to do.

DHW...yeah. Weird, huh? I read (somewhere) that they ARE going to take up the new season where the finale left off... 5 years later! I love that guy who plays Susan's new husband... Gale Someoneorother. And what happened to Edie? NO mention of her at all. Weird!

Carrie said...

Marie, I did read that Edie will not be coming back next season.

Don't worry Mrs. B the party is this afternoon. I will be watching American Idol can't wait!

Tam said...

OOO good luck with that busy week! This time of a year is so busy for everyone! I hope you will get to relax a bit somewhere in the middle of all that!

Well Behaved Krissy said...

WOW! You're one busy woman :) I just found your blog and its SO cute! Some visit me sometime.

Julia said...

Oh my! I hope you don't pass out doing all that stuff!!!

I'll say a little prayer that all the logistics go well :)

Jennifer said...

WOW! That's alot of stuff on your agenda for the week.
You must be very organized to keep all of that stuff straight.
You go girl!!